The Column is an executive briefing covering important, timely, and useful information on a number of topics that include attracting and retaining top management professionals, compensation related matters, interviewing, assessment and evaluation of prospective candidates, and perspective on relevant business and industry trends.

In addition, there will be guidance for business professionals on how to prepare themselves for career advancement.

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The Column briefings:

The First Day in the New Job!
Issue XXI

Executive Angst - Compensation Negotiations (Part One)
Issue XX

Executive Angst - Compensation Negotiations (Part Two)
Issue XIX

Making the Short List - Be Prepared

Making the Short List - Table Stakes
Issue XVII

Making the Short List - Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Issue XVI

Making the Short List - Leadership
Issue XV

Making the Short List - Culture and Chemistry Fit
Issue XIV

Making the Short List - Stand
At-The -Ready

Issue XIII

Expect the Counter Offer!
Issue XII

Hiring and Retaining The Best — Communication, Challenge, Support and Recognition.
Issue XI

The Tipping Point In Landing Top Talent
Issue X

Avoiding Discrimination When Interviewing ... A Matter of Some Delicacy
Issue IX

Achieving a Maximum For a Minimum ...
But at what Cost?
Issue VIII

Gilding the Lily ...Resume Embellishments
Issue VII

The Key Ingredient
Issue VI

Intangible Qualities Often Make the Difference
Issue V

Supply and Demand Shift ... Heavy Turnover Expected
Issue IV

Succession Planning - When is Good .... Good Enough?
Issue III

Short Sightedness - Why Saving Now May Prove Costly Later
Issue II

Attracting That Elusive "A" Player
Issue I